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Local Feature

A Hotbed of Entrepeneurs

A one on one interview with
T he Peanuts Gang Animator

words by Jolene Polyack

Rick Alonzo :: Artist
In 1986 Rick Alonzo’s job consisted of working with the Break the Barriers organization, one of his duties was to perform marshal arts and gymnastics at their various functions. But in 1992 Rick realized his life had another purpose. He began his solo performing career when he painted an angel at Bullard High School at the Christmas performance. That painting was donated to Break the Barriers and ever since then he felt he was getting ready to be launched. He quit his job and began performing in Mexico through a friend who was a youth pastor at a church in that country. One thing led to another. He began performing at youth and pastoral conferences, which allowed for additional bookings, and it kept growing from there.

Rick creates his “product” on stage. Often, he will donate the paintings to the local charity who invited him to perform. To date, he has sold paintings for up to $6,000, created over 10,000 paintings and performed at approximately 700 events!

Recently, Rick was asked by Edward’s Theater in Fresno to paint Superman as entertainment for patrons waiting to watch the new Superman Returns movie over the opening weekend. He said “People were fascinated. There were all of these phones pointed at me and we realized that people were taking pictures and sending them to friends as far away as Bakersfield. By the end of the weekend people were traveling to Edwards to watch me paint. While I love to do the inspirational performances my true calling is to tell people about Jesus Christ. After I would finish a Superman painting I would talk about the only real superhero. Some people turned away but many, many stayed and listened. It was incredible.”

Rick believes each person is specially created and has a specific purpose. Many people have the gift of art but might not know how to use it or how to express their talent. He is currently looking for a storefront in Kingsburg so he can teach children to create art that comes from within. Rick can be reached through his web site at www.rickalonzo.org.



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